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"Judge Kreis is Fair, Patient and Kind"
        -Deputy Julian Aguilera, Humboldt County Sheriff's Department


"On an average of three to four days a week over a four year period, I represented clients in the courtroom of Judge Gregory Kreis. It was apparent Judge Kreis always read the file to prepare for each hearing, and he was knowledgeable, fair and impartial in his rulings.  He has also demonstrated a commitment to justice and public service to the residents of Humboldt County. I enthusiastically support re-electing Judge Gregory Kreis."

      -Kelly Walsh (practicing law in Humboldt County from 1992 to present)

 "Judge Kreis has been a solid Superior Court Judge for Humboldt County.  He embodies a fair and even judicial temperament."
       -Anakalia Sullivan, local attorney

"Judge Kreis is fair and just and he has my vote and those I have spoken to."

       -Joe Judge, local attorney

"Judge Kreis was outstanding attorney for my firm for over 7 years.  His dedication to his clients, his compassion for individuals, sense of fairness, was a rarity among attorneys, and his kindness is what makes Judge Kreis the person I hope you vote for.

Judge Kreis is one of two attorneys who worked for me who have been appointed to the bench, and a third turned the opportunity down.   This is unusual from a criminal defense firm,  but the standards we set were such that Judge Kreis was recognized not for the side he was on but for his competence as an attorney.  In my 40 years of practicing law and employing numerous attorneys Judge Kreis is what the bench needs."

         -Mark Berg, attorney

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